What Consumers Need to know

The belief is that, hospital and doctor bills from a long term illness/injury would be financially devastating. But actually, the costs of Long Term Care would be the greatest risk to you and your families financial future.

A national average is one out of every two persons over the age of 65 will be admitted into a recovery center/nursing home temporarily and unfortunately permanently due to a long term illness/injury.

This could cause sufficient financial burden or total financial bankruptcy for you and your family.

Who should consider purchasing
Long Term Care Insurance?

If you have assets you need to protect, and don't have enough money to pay for long term care and be out of work at the same time, then you should consider Long Term Care Insurance immediately. Long Term Care Insurance will not only protect your assets, but your families as well. Some of the assets you could be saving are: you families home, education funds, retirement savings, and so anything else of any value. Receive A Free Quote NOW - CLICK HERE!
When should you consider purchasing Long Term Care Insurance?
The best time to purchase Long Term Care Insurance is when your healthy. The younger you are also helps. Once you become ill you will be unable to purchase Long Term Care Insurance.
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Does Long Term Care Insurance have coverage options?
Some policies allow you options in Long Term Care Insurance coverage. This allows you to choose the coverage "options" that fits your and your families particular needs. There are many options to consider, here are only a few:
  • Length of coverage once Long Term Care illness or injury occurs.
  • Length of delay AFTER Long Term Care illness/ injury occurs, before receiving benefits.
  • The daily monetary benefit amount.
  • Available Long Term Care coverage for in-home care, assisted living, nursing home, custodial care, adult day care, health aides, and much more.
  • Coverage for mental disorders, diseases, such as Alzheimer's.
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