What Consumers Need to know

Long Term Care Insurance provides a daily benefit amount for in-home care, assisted living, nursing home, custodial care, adult day care, health aides, and much more.

Long Term Care Insurance will protect your savings, home, and families future (such as education funds, and retirement funds).

Who's eligible for Long Term Care Insurance?
Anyone of good health can qualify for Long term Care Insurance. Most Americans have some type of health history, this does not mean you can not purchase Long Term Care Insurance, check with a licensed agent to see if you qualify and to receive a free quote NOW - CLICK HERE!

When can you collect Long Term Care benefits?
Receiving benefits will begin when a licensed physician certifies that you need long term care and your insurance carrier approves your doctors request. The basic rule is this: if you can do two or less out of six daily routine functions, such as getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, eating, use of the toilet, and continence /control or you need supervision because of a severe cognitive impairment, you can receive Long Term Care benefits.
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What determines the benefit period?
After being diagnosed with a need for Long Term Care, the period of time your policy will cover expenses during a benefit period is dependant on the policy and policy options chosen. Your policy will have a set amount the insurance company will pay for "per-day" expenses. If your daily expenses are lower than this set limit, then your policy may continue for a longer period of time. Receive A Free Quote NOW - CLICK HERE!
What does waiting period mean?
After being diagnosed with a need for Long Term Care, there is a waiting period before benefits will commence. This period of time is defined by the policy and policy options you choose, when purchasing your policy.

Here are the two most standard types of waiting periods:

  • "Service days" - this starts on the day you receive long term care services
  • "Calendar day" - this starts on the day the insurance company assures your eligibility.

Any expenses for long term care and services required during your waiting period, will be cost you will have to pay and you will NOT be reimbursed for.

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