Know your insurance policy, before you need it.
When submitting a claim for Long Term Care, avoid being ripped off rely on your written policy. Ignore the Insurance Company's marketing material. Read your insurance policy thoroughly, and ask questions until you understand all aspects of your policy. The bad thing to happen is for you to need Long Term Care, but even worse is not to have the cover that you need. Another way to get more information about your long term care insurance policy, is to contact an attorney that specializes in insurance. What out for the attorneys fees, ask ahead of time. more
When can you collect Long Term Care benefits?
Receiving benefits will begin when a licensed physician certifies that you need long term care and your insurance carrier approves your doctors request. The basic rule is this: if you can do two or less out of six daily routine functions, such as getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, eating, use of the toilet, and continence /control or you need supervision because of a severe cognitive impairment, you can receive Long Term Care benefits.
Research the LTC Insurance Company.
After a Long Term Care Insurance policy is written, it may be 10-40 years before care is needed. So be sure to routinely check the financial strength of your insurance policy and insurance company as well. By planning ahead and keeping track every couple of years to assure you protect your and your families financial future and independence.
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