Financial burdens can wreck your families future.
Without LTC Insurance, your family would be responsible for all Long Term Care expenses. These expenses would deplete savings, educations and retirement funds, and all other assets of any value. Your families home could be at risk as well. As bills mount and the need for more care is needed, your family may be forced to sell their home to pay medical and care bills. You will also have to loose all assets of any value including your home to qualify for help from Medicare. more
Long Term Care is expense!
Currently, the cost of Long Term Care cost approximately $38-$100,000 per year. Usually people will stay longer than one year in a LTC facility. In-home care isn't cheap either, it can start at $27,000 a year. These costs can easily diminish your and your families life savings.So make your future secure for yourself and your family, get a FREE LTC Insurance rate quote. more
Costs Q&A.
Who pays for Long Term Care? Your health insurance company MAY pay for short-term care to keep hospital costs down, but ultimately, you are responsible for all long term care costs.

What about Medicaid or Medicare? Medicaid will help after all assets are diminished, (including savings, investments and your home). Medicare does not pay for the most common type of nursing home care called custodial care. And other benefits are very limited.
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