Health Insurance is NOT enough.
Some health plans may pay for certain medical services, but limits apply. Health plan coverage denies claims for extended care, so protect yourself with LTC Insurance TODAY! more
Long Term Care is expense!.
Currently, the cost of Long Term Care cost approximately $38-$100,000 per year. Usually people will stay longer than one year in a LTC facility. This cost can easily diminish your and your families life savings. more
Medicare helps, right?
Wrong! Medicare will only help for a specific amount of time (see below). Medicare will only pay benefits if you and your families assets are below the federal poverty level. These assets include your savings, home, college funds and other assets and investments.
Medicare benefit limits:
Medicare will cover 100% for the first 20 days. Then for the next 80 days they will pay all but $95 dollars. After the total of 100 days (20 + 80) Medicare WILL PAY NOTHING! Scary isn't it?!
Medicare Facts:
Below are some additional facts about medicare:
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